Tulsa Feedback (2)

TULSA FEEDBACK I was privileged to be nominated/invited to go to Tulsa and I was very fortunate to have had the time available to go!  I was blessed to be hosted for 5.5weeks!   Including travel time, I was away for 6weeks….!  And to be honest, I did not realise the amount of time it would […]

Tulsa Feedback – Invitations and Responses

TULSA FEEDBACK – INVITATIONS AND RESPONSES Have just arrived back from Tulsa after having spent 3 weeks with Blue Flame. I was hosted by Dee Guru Poppins, and so enjoyed re-connecting with folks there, meeting new people and learning some new things. One thing that really struck me while I was there was that, so […]


CHRISTLIKENESS What terrifies Satan? Christlikeness! When we offer ourselves in service to the Lord we often dream about the amazing difference we are going to make to the Kingdom of God and after a few years we feel more like a turkey being served up at Thanks giving dinner than an eagle soaring in the […]