Rosh Hashana 5778

ROSH HASHANA 5778 The turning of Generations. Rosh Hashana 5778 We need to stand for the next 1000 generations to follow Be enthroned upon the praisesOf a thousand generationsYou are worthy. Lord of allUnto You, the slain and risen KingWe lift our voices with heaven singingWorthy, Lord of all Be enthroned by Bethel Music We […]

The Next Season

THE NEXT SEASON My Frequency Experiment I have been trying an experiment: asking Jesus to be aligned with His frequency. It has felt like a lifting of a burden, entering His rest. Circumstances have accelerated (Nicole: car, eyes, foot), me (xrays, hospital visit), funeral, gutters plus normal work, access activities etc. And it’s been ok. […]


HONOUR This past Friday evening we heard of many wonderful Glory stories of a Real God showing up in a Real World and then we got to experience God’s presence in a very real way during worship. We also got to unpack a little about the word “Honour”, which is thrown around very readily these […]

Metron, Grace and Anointing through Humility

METRON, GRACE AND ANOINTING We all receive revelation according to our calling, allotment and sphere of influence or Metron (3358) Your sphere of influence may be your home, church, work, community, city, nation or global. Revelation will differ because of calling and sphere of influence or metron. Eg an evangelist called to a community, city […]