Psalm Response

PSALM RESPONSE There are times when we may have a difficult time communicating with God. During these times, we could struggle to find the right words to express our joy or our pain in prayer. Thankfully, we have the Psalms. It can help us focus on our experience, our emotions, and our expressions of suffering […]

Ruling and Reigning with Christ

RULING AND REIGNING WITH CHRIST What would change for us if, instead of calling God down into our situation—we allowed Him to elevate us into the strength and power of His perspective? Why were we born? What was our purpose in being alive? What does it look like to reign with Him? Your eschatology will […]

Sin, Honour and Judgement

SIN, HONOUR AND JUDGEMENT Culture of honour What is culture?Culture could be described as an agreed set of norms, beliefs, values.Those things we protect punish reward or remove. That which collectively makes us happy, sad or mad (like sports!) Kingdom cultureAs Christians we are be part of a Kingdom of Heaven culture as we are […]