When you are in the Waiting Room of Life

WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE None of us likes waiting – waiting in a queue, waiting in traffic, waiting for an answer, waiting in a waiting room etc.  And yet, waiting is part of life and indeed part of our development.  And we all have to learn the difference between “No” […]

Opening Gates

OPENING SPIRITUAL GATES Physical gates or doors The Old Testament provides us with an image of a stronghold surrounded by thick walls, a draw bridge, and fortified gates. The gates of the ancient cities are not as we imagine today’s gates, but massive gates made of stone, iron, brass, or wood frequently sheeted with metal. […]

Buttons and the Year 5778

BUTTONS AND THE YEAR 5778 (2018) What are buttons used for, what is their function? They can be used as a decoration on clothing or accessories. Used as a fastener that secures 2 pieces of fabric together or as a fastener for wallets, bags, gloves, luggage etc. Can be used as an example of folk […]