Terraforming Introduction

TERRAFORMING INTRODUCTION (NOTES) Honour all the prayer teams that have gone before.This is not the only tool and does not negate what other people are doing.When we claim responsibility we are not saying everything was as a result of what we did, but we celebrate that we are hearing God and that He is answering […]

Human Rights

HUMAN RIGHTS What is a biblical view of human rights? “Human rights” are those things that people naturally deserve by nature of their identity as human beings. When seen from a Christian standpoint, human rights are what we should have by nature of being created in the image of God. From a biblical standpoint, there […]


FORGIVENESS Ok, so now we are all in community!  Yay!  It is healthy and growing and we are supporting one another and loving and caring and it is just awesome!…. Until the first person hurts you…  Then it is not that awesome anymore, right?  Then it gets hard… When we get hurt we are always […]


TITHING Understanding resources and favour When money is empowered with a source of life then God becomes the means by which Christians hope to get money. Don’t pray for money but for resources. Travelled many time with tickets emailed to us What do you have in your hand to use. Cheron and cable tie for […]


HONOUR Honour In the 1830’s 2 sons were born to the Taylors. One of the sons grew up and went into British politics, the other decided that serving the kingdom would be in far off China. The one who took the more prominent role died and all that was said of him was that he […]