Power of Expectation

I know it may be a very long time ago for some of us, but can we try and remember when we were children. Can you close your eyes and try and remember how you were the night before Christmas or your Birthday. You are excited, filled with anticipation, almost to the extent that you cannot go to sleep. You couldn’t wait until you got to open your presents and see what Father Christmas and your parents bought you. I remember my brother and I taking turns to run through to the tree to bring the presents back to the bed. 

I don’t think you could get a better definition of expectation.

I am aware that for some, Christmas maybe wasn’t such a great time, but for most there was that huge expectancy of Father Christmas bringing you something really nice, that you really wanted. The theoretical definition of Expectancy is “The act or state of looking forward to an event that is about to happen. That which is expected or looked for, the prospect of the future; grounds upon which something excellent is expected to happen; prospect of anything good to come.”

To expect is to look forward to something regarding it as very likely to happen. It means anticipating the occurrence or the coming of something. You get your hopes up, It has to do with your attitude. 

Your attitude determines your altitude, (very popular in service excellence training in business)

“Your atmosphere is closely linked to your attitude. Your atmosphere is the mood, the influence, the environment you surround yourself in.”

  • It is said that an atmosphere without expectation will kill your dreams.
  • An attitude without expectancy will destroy the hope that is within you. 

On the reverse side, an atmosphere of expectation is conducive to supernatural and divine intervention in your circumstances and your life.

THE AWESOME POWER OF EXPECTATION!!!!! Which I am afraid a lot of us have very little of.

Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles!!!!!!! 

If you want something to happen in your life you must expect for that thing to actually happen. 

  • You cannot mope around in your sickness saying that you are expectant that God will heal
  • You cannot be all miserable and pre-occupied in worship and expect a huge God moment.
  • You can’t live a defeated life whilst expecting God to provide miracles for you.

Sadly many today go to church, failing to become as little expectant children, they just to go to church to go to church. 

Then they move from church to church because God isn’t moving in that church…………………………..

They have no sense of expectation, there is no desire to see God manifest Himself so they walk out of the church exactly as they came in because there was no expectation for anything. 

They only come because of tradition and formality but are not expecting anything to take place.

A biblical definition of this would be 2 Timothy 3:5 “Having a form of godliness, but denying its power” 

We believe in God and we have faith but are not really sure about the other stuff.

The Bible says in James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder”

To believe and have Faith without expectancy is not enough,

We limit our God by our lack of expectancy

During worship on Friday night, I was wondering if we are worshipping as if God is present. You often say, wow what a presence there was this evening, or the Holy Spirit really moved during the worship.

But God is here always, He is always around us, the Bible says that when two or three are gathered he is there in the midst, so why do we wait for some Holy Spirit feeling before we worship as if God is in the room. 

We should be on our face in his presence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it a lack of expectancy maybe or,

  • Maybe our music choice today is not good enough, or 
  • We didn’t start with a prayer today, or 
  • Maybe the message today was a bit dull and that is why I am not motivated to worship, or
  • Graham didn’t greet me properly today, so I don’t really feel like worshipping, or
  • We made a few wrong lifestyle choices during this week, 

Maybe that’s why there is no presence or move of the spirit today” 

Don’t you not think that would be bordering on religiousity. 

So now we have to be good for God to move. I am very sorry but I don’t think so. I am not for one moment saying that we mustn’t make right lifestyle choices and live a life pleasing to God but if God waited for us all to make the right choices in life, He would never show up. We can never be “Good” enough to coerce God because that would be manipulation and witchcraft. He has never moved, it is us that lack the expectancy of a move of the spirit. He is always here

Faith and Expectation are not the same thing? Although they are closely related, faith and expectation are distinctly different. 

You can have faith without expectation but you can’t have expectation without faith.

Many of us believe the Bible is true and we have faith in the promises of the Bible.  We believe it’s a provision of the Word that God heals, but we don’t expect healing to manifest in our own lives. It’s almost as though we’ve been sick for so long that we simply cannot imagine that we could ever be healed. We say prayers of healing hoping that maybe God will heal instead of keeping on pushing in until God heals. We can heal, we were told we can, in fact we were instructed to go and heal, so why are we so scared to hold God to his promise.

There is a story of a young man that went to see a palm reader. She began to read his palm and told the young man that you will be poor and miserable until the age of 41. The young man was a little sadden by the reading of his palm, but he had a glimpse of hope because he asked the palm reader – at the age of 41 will I suddenly become rich, the palm reader said No but by that time you will have become so used to being poor that it doesn’t make you miserable anymore. 

Sadly that’s how many people are in church today, we have become settled and comfortable with a certain condition that it doesn’t bother us anymore –WHY- because we have lost the expectation of something better??? Are we comfortable with coming to church and not seeing anyone healed, anyone saved, anyone delivered.

The Bible says in Mark 16:17 “And these signs will follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues”. 

If we don’t expect to see these things happening then they will not manifest.

Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.

It was only a few days after Jesus had risen and had defeated hell, when he looked into his disciples eyes and said, Go into all the world and use my name to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. You can just imagine Peter saying, hey John, you know that beggar down there by the temple, let’s go use Jesus’ name on him.

They could see themselves doing what Jesus instructed them to do, they didn’t just say a prayer over him, they said, BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME, and then they didn’t leave it there, they took him by the hand and helped him up. Because that is what Jesus told them to do

They didn’t tiptoe up to the man and look around to make sure no one was watching and then whisper, “Dear Lord, if it be Thy will, heal this poor crippled man.” 

NO, they told him to be healed in Jesus name

The only people who pray “if it be Thy will” are those who don’t have any hope or expectancy. 

If we have been praying that way, we need to stop it because that is not what we were instructed to do. 

The Word of God is His will.

  • It is His will for you to be well. 
  • It is His will for you to be prosperous. 
  • It is His will for you to lay hands on the sick and it is His will for them to recover.

But Faith has to come first before expectation can exist. If you don’t believe that it’s the will of God for you to be healed, to be delivered, to prosper, to live life abundantly then it’s highly doubtful that you’ll expect to be healed, to be delivered, to prosper, or to live life abundantly. 


  • When you read the Word, you first decide to believe that it is God’s truth. The next thing that has to be done is you have to look at your expectation. 
  • Do you really expect what you read in the Bible to happen in your own life? 
  • Do you really expect doors to be opened for you that no man can close and doors closed in your life that no man can open? 
  • Do you really expect to be an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus Christ? 
  • Do you truly expect to have life and have it more abundantly? 

Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. No other aspect of the Christian life is more important than faith. You cannot buy it, we cannot sell it, and you cannot give it to your friends. Faith is our belief in and devotion to God. Faith is our belief in the one true God 

Hebrews 11:6 says “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” God wants us to release our faith and expect Him to supply the supernatural miracle we need and desire.

He wants us to expand our capacity to receive by believing Him for BIG things! There should be no question in our minds that what God said is exactly what He will do. Without a fervent sense of expectancy, all we are doing is taking part in religious exercises that have no power behind them. 



  • Blind Bartimaeus received his sight because he had faith and expectation.
  • The paralytic took up his bed and walked because faith + expectation produced a miracle.
  • The 10 lepers received their healing because they expected a change.
  • Jairus’ daughter was raised from the dead because faith + expectation produced a miracle.
  • The Gentile woman’s daughter was delivered from demon possession because her faith + her expectation moved God to move supernaturally on her behave. 
  • The man with dropsy was healed because of Faith + Expectation

Faith + Expectation produces a promised miracle.

It is time for us to start expecting God to do some great and mighty things in our lives and in Access41. Our lives are at the mercy of our mouths- speak those things which are not as though they are. Don’t use your mouth to describe your situation. Rather use it to declare your expectation – EXPECT A MIRACLE EVERYDAY.

The Awesome Power of Expectation produces Supernatural Manifestations which bring about Life Changing Miracles. He will meet us at our level of expectation!

“Andrew Womack tells a story that years ago he received a request from a mother to come and pray for her daughter who was suffering from a painful and debilitating illness. When he arrived he explained that Jesus has already healed us and that she could have her healing now. Her faith rose and he prayed for her and she was instantly healed. He heard the Father say something like, “The reason I couldn’t heal her any faster was that she believed that her healing would come slowly over a long period of years”. 

She was limiting God by her expectation. “What God wants to do and what God can do are two different things.” “If we raise our level of expectancy God will not disappoint us. In fact He will exceed our level of expectancy above and beyond what we could think or hope for so He can stretch us to an even higher level of faith in Him.”

Let’s not limit God

Written by Penny Whalley

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