What is in your hand  (taken from many sources on the web) 24 May 2020

This question appears for the first time in Exodus 4:2, where God called Moses and told him to go and lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land. Moses however was afraid that they won’t believe him and he asked for a sign of the power of God and God asked him this question ‘What is in your hand?’ To Moses, it was just a staff used to beat stubborn sheep but to God, it was it was the instrument by which miracles will be performed. To Moses it was just a rod, to God it was an instrument for miracles. The staff by the power of God became the staff of God (Exodus 4:20) and it was used to part the red sea, perform the 10 plagues, bring water out of the rock etc.

Another example is in John 6: 5-12, here Jesus was faced with the challenge of feeding over 5000 people who had gathered to hear him speak. They needed food and asked if anyone had any to spare; a boy offered his 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes (which is not even enough to feed only Jesus and his disciples). To the disciples 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes couldn’t feed 5000 people but to God it was more than enough. Jesus blessed the little and it was enough with 12 baskets of leftovers and take aways.

God works with what is in our hands. Many a times we look outside ourselves for help to do something, thus doubting God’s ability to use that which he had placed in us, take our little and make it into something more than enough for us.

We have another example in 2 kings 4: 1- 7; the widow of a prophet was in debt and had no means of paying up, she went to Elisha for help and what did he do! He asked her, ‘What do you have in your house?’ She replied ‘Nothing, just a little oil’. To her that oil was nothing, but to God it was what she needed to meet her current need. Elisha gave instructions and the little oil filled barrels and was sold to cover her debts. We see many such examples in the bible, when God used people’s current abilities and possessions to bless them and increase their lot.


Because by his power he has given us everything necessary for life and righteousness- 2 Peter 1:3

All you need to do is not despise what you have now, instead be grateful for it, nurture it with all of your heart and speak the word of God into it then watch God use it to increase you.

Do not despise these small beginnings – Zechariah 4:10

We need to follow the process of creation in Gen1. Step by step 

We have desires, aspirations, dreams etc. and sometimes it causes us to despise what we currently have; we hate our jobs, partners, house, clothes, everything about us seems to be just what we don’t need. But I challenge you to see that God will use what you currently have to get you to where he needs you to be. Nothing happens by chance; you are not in that current situation by chance, it’s all part of a plan and supposed to work together for your good but that can only happen if you stop despising and complaining about what you have and start seeing what God wants to do through it.

We need to follow the process of creation in Gen1. Step by step 

Don’t despise your days of little beginnings, stop complaining and making excuses, have a grateful attitude, get the word of God in your mouth and in your heart and watch as God uses that little to create much.

What do you have? Moses said “Nothing”

1) What is nothing to us is something to God

It was used …

• To confront to soothsayers of Pharaohs court (7:12)

• To turn the waters of Egypt into Blood (7:17-20)

• To bring frogs upon the land (8:5)

• To cause lice throughout all the land of Egypt. (8:16)

• To bring thunder and hail throughout the land (9:23)

• To bring an east wind that brought the locusts across the land. (10:13)

• To cause the waters of the Red Sea to stand up like a wall (14:16)

• To cause the bottom of that sea to dry up so they could pass

• To cause the waters of the Red sea to come back upon Pharaohs armies

• To bring forth water from the rock at Horeb to supply their needs (17:5)

• To bring victory to his army (17:9)

This rod was nothing special of itself; it was just a rod (a stick).

What was significant about this stick was: It was what Moses had.

God did not ask Moses what he didn’t have.

We all could make a long list if what we don’t have.

*We don’t have enough money

*We don’t have a good education

*We don’t have a high social standing

The list can go on and on

God never directs our attention to what we don’t have, but to what we do have even though it seems small.

II) Availability is the key …

Would this staff been able to be used if remained a stick in the hand of Moses.

To be used, it had to be made available to God for his use.

Once Moses released it, it became God’s for him to use as he needed.

The difference is the power of God.

It is not

*your ability,

*your knowledge,

*your talent,

*the size of your gift

All that matters is: How much of God is in your stick.

Your stick represents what you have that you surrender to God.

When God gets in it, it’s enough

When God gets in it

It will surprise you (Moses fled from his rod when it turned into a serpent).

We need to ask God to get in our stick.

God in our song,

God in our preaching,

God in our marriage,

God in our business.

God in our gift,

God in our talent.

When God gets in a thing it is not the same.

Just like Moses who had never seen his rod do anything like that before.

*God got in a rock and caused a river to flow out of it that quenched the thirst of 1to 3 million Israelites.

*Got got in a donkey and caused it to speak and rebuke a rebellious prophet.

*God got in an axe head of Iron and caused it to swim up to the top of the water so the prophet could reach out his hand and take hold of it.

*God got in a little pot of oil and caused it to multiply till it met every need and provided an abundant overflow.

*God got in a box, and they called it the Ark of the Covenant.

It was only as Moses released his rod to God, that Gods power came into it.

It is only as we surrender ourselves to God that his power will be manifested through us.

God wants to give us something new, something greater, (but you have to be willing to let go of what you have).

III. The rod of Moses became the rod of God.

Moses used the “staff of God” to confront the powers of this world!

Each time, Moses was triumphant!

Moses had carried that staff all along, he already had it, it just needed to be touched by God and transformed to be useful!

God told Moses what he was going to do, and how he would deliver Israel

But he still had to stretch out the rod.

God’s word reveals his will to us, but we still have to Speak it, (Stretch out the rod).

Jesus said we had mountain moving power, but he said in order for the mountain to move we have to speak to it.

Every time Moses stretched out the rod it was a type of speaking the Word out of a believing heart.

One of the greatest problems we have as Believers is we have a tendency to underestimate what we have.

* I have just enough meal and oil for one little cake said the widow of Zarephath

*I have just a little pot of oil, said the widow woman who was in debt and in danger of losing her sons to a life of slavery.

*There is a lad here with two fish and five loaves of bread, but what is that among so many asked Philip a disciple of Jesus.

In each case their little bit was enough.

When they put it in Gods hands it became more than enough.

When Samson was assaulted by the Philistines.

He found the jawbone of an ass and with it slew a thousand men.

(All God needs is for you to make what you have, make yourself available to him).

Put it in his hands.

When Samson used that jawbone, it becomes an instrument of mass destruction.

Had he thought that it was too weak, or too insignificant or too foolish, he may have died at the hands of the enemy..

If we make ourselves and our gifts and talents available to him, He will take them and make them His.

*It is not our voice that we sing with, it is God’s.

*It is not our voice that we teach with, but God’s.

*It is not our hands that we work with, but God’s

Look what God did with a stick

What’s In Your hand?

Do you hear God asking you, “WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR HAND? Has God touched it?

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